What to expect when you visit us

  • Please attend on your own, if possible, as we need to keep the number of people on the premises to a minimum. 
  • Please arrive at your allocated time only. If you are early please wait in your car.  We cannot accommodate you if you arrive late due to the risks of patient crossover and the need to keep strict schedules.
  • A team member will phone / email you to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment questionnaire prior to you attending your appointment.
  • Please inform yourself of HSE guidelines on Public Health Advice for COVID-19 prevention. We will have posters throughout the premises as a reminder of this advice.
  • Our entrance door to the premises may be locked. If so, please knock loudly and wait for a staff member. We may ask you to continue waiting outside until it is safe to enter as we may already be at maximum capacity. 
  • We will ask you to sanitise your hands immediately at the sanitising station on entry, and if you are wearing your own gloves you must still sanitise. Please follow the sanitising guidelines at the station.
  • Next take a seat on the right hand side and wait until a staff member is available.
  • Please do not cross the barrier, or touch any frame displays while you wait.
  • If we are carrying out a service for you that will take some time, we may ask you to wait outside in your car.
  • If you are attending to choose new frames please wait until our dispenser is available to look after you and follow their guidance at all times.
  • If you are attending for a consultation with our Optometrists they will guide you safely to the consultation rooms. There will be a sanitising station on the way,  and the Optometrist will be asking you to re-sanitise your hands at this time (remove your gloves if worn) and they will give you a disposable face mask to wear and fresh gloves (if you require them). Our Optometrists are fully trained in infection prevention and control, and have all appropriate PPE to ensure that everyone is completely safe throughout your consultation.

Please phone 045897029 us or email us, info@teahans.ie,  if you have any particular concerns that you wish to discuss.

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