Children’s Eyecare

Teahan Premissies Interior 2017

Our Optometrists carry out child friendly and fun eye examinations, catering the tests to each individual child's abilities. We believe in providing the best evidence based eye-care for your children.  On this basis our Optometrist Nicola Teahan has completed further study in paediatric eye-care, which has allowed her to stay up-to-date on the latest developments the paediatric eye-care field, so that she can provide the best service possible for children.

We have invested in child friend testing equipment, making the eye exam a fun experience for children. For children under the age of 6 years, we recommend a cycloplegic eye exam, which simply means that eye drops are used in order to relax the child’s eye focussing muscles so that a more accurate reading can be taken of their visual status. Our Optometrists are happy to discuss the eye examination with you prior to bringing your child in, so please do ask us any questions you may have.

Many of us can remember the horrible thick glasses that kids used to wear years ago-not any more. We stock gorgeous frames, supply thinner lenses and provide excellent frame fitting in order to have children confident in their specs.

Our dedicated children's frame selection area is full of colour, comfort and fun in order to create a memorable and relaxed experience for your little ones. Importantly, we all know that even with the best of intentions kids will need more regular re-adjustments of their eyewear, and we create a welcoming environment for kids so that we can ensure happy visits and well fitted eyewear!

Being parents ourselves, we are acutely aware of costs involved with our growing little ones, so with this in mind we have carefully priced our children's products and repairs in order to go easy on parents' pockets. You can avail of complete specs for €59 (less €52 with a HSE voucher), or avail of our 'SECOND PAIR FREE' offer for those who wish to have a spare pair.

Teahan Premissies Interior 2017