Eye Screenings & Reports

Driving Licence Eyesight Report (Group 1 & 2)

Applicants for the RSA NDLS Driving Licence will often require an Eyesight Report Form. Our optometrists have the required form on-site, and they can assess to see if a person meets the vision standards for Group 1, which is the category for motorbikes, cars, small trailers, and tractors. The fee for Group 1 assessments is €50* (*Feb.2024)

Group 2 is the category for vans, trucks, large trailers, and buses. Applicants will require a full eye examination and binocular visual field assessment, which we carry out using our Henson 8000 visual field analyser. The standard required for Group 2 is higher than Group 1, and requires a superior level of visual acuity. We can carry out these assessments when pre-booked. The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes. Our fee is €85* (*Feb.2024)


Colour Vision Screening

Colour vision is usually assessed for employment purposes with the most commonly used Ishihara plates. Some employers request alternative tests such as the City University test, and the HRR plates. Our optometrists will assess colour vision using the required test format and fill out the appropriate employer forms. Employees should ensure they have I.D. with them if state body employer forms are being filled out.
For children who are not yet able to recognise or name numbers, the CVTME test is employed. In this test easily recognised symbols and pictures are used, making it easy, fun and engaging for the child.

Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is common eye disease that can lead to peripheral vision loss and ultimately blindness, if undetected. There are several different forms of the disease but the most common form of this disease is symptomless in the early to medium stages. It is routinely checked for in patients during an eye examination. 

A screening facility is available for patients who have a family history of glaucoma and wish to have more regular checks for early changes that may develop into glaucoma.  Eye pressures, the optic nerve heads, and the visual fields are checked for signs of the disease and our advanced diagnostic OCT scans analyse the optic nerve head and nerve fibre layers to detect the earliest signs of this disease.

Occupational VDU Screening

Employers have an obligation to provide an eye examination for employees who regularly use display screen equipment (DSE). These examinations should be carried out at the commencement of employment, and at regular biennial intervals. Employers must pay for basic visual eyewear for employees that require visual correction only for the operation of display screen equipment (DSE). However, they may opt to subsidise or pay for employees’ visual eyewear even if they are not solely required for DSE usage. Please contact our team if you require more information on this.

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